Mix Story 193

Mix Story 193 – SOBOTA, 24.08.2013 …od 23:59! ZAPRASZAMY!!!

1. Eno.D + Magnificent Ruffians – Freedom (feat. Yasin)
2. Promoe – Money (feat. Cos.M.I.C., Supreme)
3. Fabe – Le Choix Des Armes (feat. Koma)
4. Necro – You're Dead (feat. Ill Bill)
5. Funky Fresh Few – However You Want It (feat. Craig G, Dirt Diggla, Jimmy Grand)
6. Vast Aire – The Man Of Steel
7. Souls Of Mischief – You Got It
8. The Beatnuts – Ya Don't Stop
9. Poor Righteous Teachers – Can I Start This? (feat. Tony D)
10. Tommy Tee – No Holds Barred
11. Roll Deep – Celebrate
12. Raekwon – We Will Rob You (feat. GZA, Masta Killa, Slick Rick)
13. DJ Format – Charity Shop Sound Clash (feat. Aspects)
14. Platinum Pied Pipers – Act Like You Know (feat. Jay Dee)
15. Maestro Fresh-Wes – The Black Tie Affair
16. K-Solo – Household Maid
17. Royal Flush – What A Shame (feat. Noreaga)
18. Black Moon – Buck Em Down
19. Large Professor – Stay Chisel (feat. Nas)
20. Cappadonna – Blood Brothers (feat. Lounge Mode)
21. Lost Boyz – Music Makes Me High
22. Kurious – Uptown Shit (feat. Kadi, The Omen)

Autor: Przemys

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